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Welcome to Warm Memories
Made in Alaska.
Winter hats, fleece jackets, scarves and accessories for infants, children and adults.
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Fleece Jackets and Vests
Fleece jackets and vests for children, women and men.
Winter Fleece Hats
Winter fleece hats for infants, children and adults made in Alaska.
Fleece Accessories
Fleece scarves, infant and toddler buntings, baby carseat covers, mittens, bottle snugglers, stockings, headbands, blankets, ornaments, wine charms and purses.
Fleece Colors & Patterns Available
Most of our items are available in any solid color or pattern.
We also sell fleece by the yard!
Fleece by the yard for sale! Buy our fleece!
If you are interested in purchasing any of our fleece patterns or solids, we are now selling them for $15.00 a yard.

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Alaskan Made Fleece Products
Winter fleece hats for infants, kids, men and women. Many styles to choose from. Check out our many items below:
Baby gift--Bear Set
Baby Gift Set with Bear, Fleece Blanket, Mittens, and Hat
$ 54.00
Summer Baby Beanie
Summer Beanie Hat for Infants
$ 19.00
Security Blanket
Fleece security blanket for snuggling.
$ 22.00
Fleece Baby Bear Hat
Adorable fleece bear hat for young babies or toddlers.
$ 15.00
Snowman Bottle Cover
Cozy snowman bottle cover for all types of bottles and cans.
$ 12.00
Adult - Print Fleece Jacket
Adult Patterned Fleece Jacket
$ 79.00
Fleece Baby Car Seat Covers
Fleece Baby Carseat Covers to keep your baby warm.
$ 45.00
Adult - Solid Color Fleece Jacket
Adult Fleece Jackets in Solid Colors with or without Fringe Trim
$ 79.00
Fleece Mop Top Hat
Fleece Mop Top Hat
$ 23.00
Winter Beanie Hat
Fleece Beanie Hat.
$ 18.00
Fleece Tie Top Hat
Fleece Tie Top Hat
$ 11.00
Adult - Fleece Vests
Adult - Fleece Vests in any of our patterns or solid colors!
$ 52.00
Children's - Solid Color Fleece Jacket
Fleece jackets with waist toggle, with or without fringe trim.
$ 45.00
Children's - Printed Fleece Jacket
Fleece jacket with or without adjustable waist toggle for children.
$ 45.00
Children's Fleece Vests
Alaskan Made Fleece Vests for Children.
$ 35.00
Winter hat--Bonnet style
Fleece Bonnet Hat
$ 21.00
Bear Hat
Fleece Bear Hat with eyes, ears and nose on top of hat.
$ 23.00
Wine Glass Charms
Wine Glass Charms to keep track of your drink!
$ 29.00
Winter hat--Beret style
Winter Fleece Beret Hat
$ 14.00
Winter hat--Boa style
Fleece Boa Hat
$ 23.00
Bag Holders
Bag Holders - Eskimo Doll or Moose
$ 23.00
Flower Top Hat
Flower Top Hat
$ 25.00
Fleece Fringe Hat
Fleece Fringe Hat
$ 18.00
Winter Hat--Gladiator style
Fleece Gladiator Hat
$ 18.00
Hoods - Flower & Dinosaur
Fleece Flower and Dinosaur Hoods
$ 25.00
Infant Bunting
Infant Bunting - Preemie and Newborn sizes.
$ 33.00
Toddler Bunting
Bunting with arms and legs for easy movement.
$ 45.00
Winter hat--Pillbox style
Fleece Pillbox Hat - has earflaps and velcros under the chin.
$ 25.00
Ponytail/Neckwarmer hat
Dual purpose hat - can keep your neck warm or your head!
$ 18.00
Fleece Rollup Hat
Keep your head warm with this great hat!
$ 20.00
Fleece scarves to match all of our hats!
$ 12.95
Fleece Stocking Hat
Short, Medium or Long styles to choose from.
$ 19.00
Winter hat--Victorian style
Fleece victorian style hats fit children through adults.
$ 30.00
Fleece Mittens
Fleece Mittens to match your hat and scarf.
$ 8.00
Baby Blanket
Fleece Baby Blankets great for keeping baby warm.
$ 22.00
Snowman Stocking
Fleece Snowman Stockings
$ 25.00
Fleece Headbands for keeping those ears warm!
$ 13.00