About Us 

My name is Robin Lindahl, and I started Warm Memories as a home-based business in 1991 when our oldest daughter was born. I was making items for our daughter to wear and several people stopped me and asked where I got them. I thought, “Hey, I could probably sell these.” I started making fleece wear to sell at local Anchorage bazaars and it went over well. A local shop owner approached me and asked if they could buy my product for their store. That was the start of wholesale to shops around our state of Alaska.

We started with several hat styles and it has steadily grown from the beginning. I now have many wholesale customers and online retail. We strive to create new product and find new materials, so our customers will have many selections to choose from.

We are very happy grandparents to seven grandbabies currently. There are four boys and three girls and all live here in Anchorage, Alaska. We enjoy big Sunday dinners, and love having them help around the property. We have horses and chickens and the kids love riding the horses, feeding them carrots and collecting the eggs.